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General Plumbing

GOC Plumbing & Heating provide a comprehensive list of services in all aspects of the Plumbing and Heating trade from Commercial to Industrial to Residential installation, maintenance and repair. We provide accurate estimations and quality materials for work carried out to the highest standards and within the time frame specified. GOC Plumbing operate in the south west of the country but do undertake contracts throughout Ireland numerous times a year. For a quotation contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Radiator Systems

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we supply, install, clean and repair all makes and models of Heating systems. 

We also look to balance each system that we install because it is vital that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the home. We repair all models of radiator and we are available for emergency call outs. Towel Rails have become a feature in most modern houses and we supply and fit these aesthetically pleasing features also. For a radiator repair or installation contact Gavin on 087 333 1789. 

Bathroom & Shower Installations

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we offer new bathroom installations, complete refurbishment of bathrooms or upgrades of your old bathroom fixtures to newer models. All plumbing, electrical, tiling, carpentry, under floor heating and fixture fitting are provided. We like to work with the client on all aspects of the layout and styling of each bathroom to ensure our client’s needs and tastes are catered for. For a free estimation contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.


At GOC Plumbing & Heating we supply, install and service boiler and non-boiler solid fuel stoves. We also install back boilers for open fires which allow the client to have heated radiators while the fire is burning. Whatever type stove your home requires you can be rest assured that GOC Plumbing & Heating will provide quality workmanship and professionalism throughout. For more on our boiler services contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Solar Panels

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we supply and install all types of Solar Panels. Our main preferences are Thermodynamic Solar panels and the Kingspan Thermomax. These panels have different advantages over each other and we would be happy to discuss with our client which option would suit them best to ultimately reduce their heating bills and help protect the environment. Contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Boiler Service & Installation

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we service all makes and models of boiler, we also advise all our customers to have their boiler serviced once a year. This is vital in prolonging the life of the boiler and substantially reduces the risk of having a potentially costly boiler breakdown. Servicing the boiler regularly also has the added benefit of reducing the overall heating bill. For boiler servicing contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Underfloor Heating

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we supply and install underfloor heating in new house. The heat from an underfloor heating system is evenly distributed throughout the house compared to traditional radiators and is more efficient on a cost by cost basis. A zoned system allows each individual room to have its own temperature regulated and ultimately help the client save money and energy. For a free estimation contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we install various brands of air to water heat pumps. The Heat Pump draws on air from outside of the home and converts it into heat even if the outside temperature is below zero degrees. These heat pumps can integrate into existing oil, gas and solar heating systems which allow the client to save more money on their existing heating bill. For more information call Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) is said to be the future of home heating. At GOC Plumbing & Heating we install bespoke mhrv systems for our clients homes to suit their needs. how these systems work is pretty straight forward - fresh air is drawn into the attic space via a ventilation unit/heat exchanger. The heated fresh air is then dispersed throughout the home via ducting to all rooms. The air from the kitchen, utility and bathrooms is continuously extracted back to the heat exchanger where the heat from this air is refined and merged with the fresh air coming into the home. This constant recycling of the heat generated in the home will reduce heating bills and end the need for extractor fans and window vents thus stopping draughts within the home while also aiding against mold, mildew, musty odors, radon gas and carbon monoxide.  For more info on this economical range of products contact Gavin today on 087 333 1789.

Central Vacuum Units

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we supply, install and service most makes and models of central vacuum units from ducting, hose and the filtration system of the unit. These units are fast becoming the most sought after utility for the home as their convenience is unparalleled. They are much more effective than than the leading corded and cordless vacuums on the market regarding suction power and durability while also requiring minimal servicing. Call Gavin on 087 333 1789 for more information on this product.

Shower Pumps

Homes and business that suffer from low water pressure will benefit from installing a shower pump. Shower pumps increase the flow rate of not only shower water but the entire water system in your home. At GOC plumbing we can easily install a shower pump that will work with the water system in your home and boost both the hot and cold water flow rate for the whole house. Their are many solutions to the problem of poor water flow rate and to discuss the options available contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Maintenance & Drainage

GOC Plumbing & Heating provide maintenance services for a number of commercial premises in Co. Kerry at this present time. We also carry out work for landlords and letting agents on the various properties and holiday homes they have mainly in Kerry. For more information on our maintenance service contact Gavin O'Connor on 087 333 1789.

Power Flush (system clean)

At GOC Plumbing & Heating we encourage all our customers to power flush their heating system if a new boiler or solar system needs to be installed. Grime, silt, sludge and lime build up in most heating systems over time which causes the heating system to become inefficient and effects boilers, radiators and pumps which can cause them to break. For a quote contact Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Toilet Repair

You toilet (often referred to as a WC – Water Convenience) is anything but convenient when it goes wrong. If this happens to you (whether in your home or your place of work) you’ll need to get if fixed straight away.   GOC Plumbing & Heating have an emergency call out service to help when your toilet stops working. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. It could be a problem with the overflow, a blocked pipe, or something to do with your cistern. Whatever it is, we can deal with the problem and have your toilet working again. Call Gavin on 087 333 1789.

Water Leaks

As a responsible homeowner it is important to reduce water waste not only for the environment but also because threats of water charges being introduced are still lurking. Considering water leaks in the home can seriously contribute to mold/damp and rot, and can reach up to thousands of gallons per year for some homes and business, a leak detection inspection can easily be done to help sort this problem. Contact GOC Plumbing & Heating if you have any concerns on 087 333 1789.

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"Thanks to Gavin and all the team at GOC Plumbing & Heating for providing an excellent service. Our new home is cosy and comfortable and we couldn’t be happier with the stove and heating system installed."

Marguerite Hickey and David Brosnan, Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

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GOC Plumbing & Heating is establishing itself as a leading and reliable provider of plumbing and heating services in Kerry and the surrounding counties. The company has worked on various large scale commercial projects since its inception but mainly operates in the domestic plumbing and heating sector. 

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